Classic and Hybrid Certification Course

Master classic and hybrid lashing! Advanced supply Kit included!

  • 24 hours
  • 3,000 Canadian dollars
  • Mainland Street

Service Description

In this 3 day intensive course you will master the art of classic lash extensions, and learn to create handmade fans for stunning hybrid sets. In this course you will also learn business practices to build your brand and clientele! Included in this course is a $500 value advanced supply kit! NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Includes extended support as well as insurable certificates for classic and hybrid lashing. COURSE OUTLINE - Classic and Hybrid theory - COVID safe Sanitization practices - Lash health and anatomy - The complete lashing process - Lash mapping and styling - MULTIPLE fan creating techniques - Complete a practice set on a dummy head - Complete a LIVE model - Lash Product Knowledge - Client management skills - Portfolio building and photo editing techniques - Business practices ( pricing, accounting, booking) ADVANCED SUPPLY KIT - 3 trays mixed length classic lashes ( various curls) - 3 trays mixed length volume lashes (various curls) - Lash glue - Lash primer - Lash remover - Multiple profesional lash tweezers - Jade glue stone - Under eye gel pads - Multiple lash taps - Lash palet - Microfiber swabs - Lash spools - USB Clip lash fan

Contact Details

  • 1020 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada